Конденсатор HELIX Power Station XXL

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Product Specification
Power Station XXL

Provide for stable relationships – anyone who wants to experience high-end car audio at the highest level will not be able to avoid having an adequate power supply for the output stages. After all, with all its power fl uctuations and interruptions, the electrical network in the vehicle is not exactly the ideal basis for the fi nest music reproduction. With the XXL power Station, problems like that are definitely a thing of the past. This product heralds in a new era of power stabilizers to noticeably improve the sound precision and performance of your car audio system.

100 amperes continous current; 200 amperes maximum current
Processor-controlled switched power supply with very high efficiency
Variable output voltage: 12 –15 volts
Battery undervoltage protection: power Station will be turned of, if input voltage drops below 10 volts for more than one minute
Detection of input and output current
Parallel connection of several power Stations via master/slave-